GraFX  Exchange  Portal provides free tutorials for use with Maxon Cinema 4D and  Katachi Graphics  using DPIT EFFEX Liquid,  Fire & Smoke simulation plugin; helping the Cinema 4D &  DPIT EFFEX  community obtain a solid understanding of the best plugin for  Cinema 4D.

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What is DPIT EFFEX Plugin ? 


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 DPIT Plants & Effex Tutorials
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The new Effex is a modular, object-oriented framework inside of Cinema 4D that offers a variety of effects to be modelled, animated, simulated and rendered. Each object acts on its own and offers a certain functionality to extent the framework or existing functionality.
Its repertoire covers a wide range of features (but is not limited to these) from volumetric modeling to fluid simulation.

EFFEX 2.80.03 for Windows & C4D r16 or higher is now available for free(!!!) from this location: