dpit effex fluid solver leveler file download
The Fluid leveler is pre-configured download . Certain steps will need to be taken after you download the file, click the "Go" button.  On the bottom right of the page there will be initial setup steps, then run the simulation.
Fluid leveler download

​​​​​​​​Fluid Solver "Attractor" Scene
Several changes to the file have been made to correct erratic emissions. It flows more smoothly now and has variances in
 ​movement. The new file​ 
download doesn't need to have any ​ ​changes made to it.  

  Download Here:

​ Dynamic Sweepnurbs Spline
 Tutorial  & File download​​:
 Here's the video:                

Fluid leveler Scene

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GraFX  Exchange  Portal provides free tutorials for use with Maxon Cinema 4D and  Katachi Graphics  using DPIT EFFEX Liquid,  Fire & Smoke simulation plugin; helping the Cinema 4D &  DPIT EFFEX  community obtain a solid understanding of the best plugin for  Cinema 4D.

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GraFX Exchange Portal provides free tutorials for use with Maxon Cinema 4D and Katachi Graphics using DPIT EFFEX

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